High Quality Replacement Convertible Tops

Over time, your convertible’s top will begin to fade, crack, or will somehow be damaged. This is a common occurrence, and it is often something that will make your car not only look bad, but could lead to further damage and expensive repairs.

We repair and replace convertible tops using only the highest quality, trusted brands in the industry. This results in happy customers and a longer lasting install that is sure to last through even rough conditions.

For custom pricing, please contact us or use the form to get a quote. Pricing is based on your car and the amount of existing damage.

Can I drive my convertible through a car wash?

For convertible tops, hand washing is best. The machinery in automatic car washes may damage or puncture your top.

How should I maintain my convertible top?

We recommend a 5:1 dilution of Murphy’s Oil Soap and a soft bristled brush for routine cleaning and spot treatments.